Album Spotlight: Mac Miller - Circles

Statement from a friend: "I used to hate on Mac Miller but if that new record doesn't hit you right in the soul you're a certain brand of dead inside."

I couldn't agree more. 

Circles will serve as the last album from Mac Miller. The albums shares Mac's dispossessions with both life and death, a bitter-sweet ending (or beginning) to his discography.

Mac shines showcasing his obvious rapping ability and reinforces his singing prowess which was highlighted on his last album Swimming.

Some standout tracks include "Good News," "Blue World,""Hands Me Down" and "Once a Day." Listen to the album below.


Mac's death still gives me a pit in my stomach.

His progression as an artist and ultimately as a person was intriguing and blossom-ful. Swimming was the first album I heard from Mac where I was moved by every track especially "Self Care," "What's the Use" and "2009." The album had me wondering why I never gave him a fair chance as my favorite artist and got me revising some of his old work. The album made me excited to go watch him perform it live.

In my opinion, his newer albums started to cement  as more than just a rapper with a smooth flow and catchy rhymes while he embraced experimental instrumental and singing. 

He evolved and progressed after every album adding new elements to his repertoire. You could really see the jump from his earlier music to the Watching Movies with the Sound Off album where his sound became more experimental. Subsequently on the The Divine Feminine album we got a more somber version of him. 

The more I listened, the more I would connect. Go back and discover some of his older work, you won't be disappointed. At the age of 26, Mac was taken from us too soon. R.I.P.

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