Brand Showcase: Get Some Sleep

I promised I'd start putting you on new brands this week, so here I am. One day I'll have these brands in our physical coffee + clothing hybrid shop and on our website. Manifestation tip 101: Envision your goals. Put them on paper. Act on them everyday and before you know it they'll show up right in front of you. Until then I'll show you some action here on our untitled unfiltered blog.

Today, I'm highlighting Get Some Sleep

What do I know about this brand?

Frankly, I only know what Google shows me and what I have gathered since discovering them on Tik Tok. Note to self: You should probably reach out to these brands and get to know them a little more before writing about them and doing your best Nardwaur impression.

G.S.S. is Los Angeles-based underground online clothing shop that also goes by just Sleep. Yamato is the owner, he is 24 years old and has been running this brand since January 2017. Most of their clothing has been manufactured overseas but they have since attempting to make everything in house in LA. The brand gives off a balance of darkness and melancholy vibes with a dash of hope and love. This is eminent throughout their work which includes messages like "I hope I don't feel like this forever," "Have you ever been in love?" and my favorite "Everyone I love is here," Most of their hoodies and t-shirts include large text embroidering and screen printing with these messages. 

Why do I gravitate towards this brand?

It starts with the community involved I have a sense by just following them on social media that owner Yamato is a genuine stand up dude. He shares his process, his ideas and also gets his friends and family involved throughout his creative process. I love his realness and how he has a way to connect to his followers through his social media accounts. He gives great descriptors of his work plus BTS stories about the items and and the direction of creating them.

The brand evokes a lot of emotion. And for me, someone whose brand revolves around the tagline "It's not a brand, it's a feeling." it makes sense that I vibe heavy with them. I think you win as a brand when your followers see a part of themselves in your brand and they've done a good job at doing just that. I know that I'm new to their brand that has been established now for quite some time, but I look forward to seeing how they continue to grow moving forward. The present and future looks really bright for them.

My favorite piece on their website is the Vintage Washed Cloud Denim Jacket

It follows up their first iteration of the jacket which they have since improved upon., The IMTD Clouded Denim that has since been sold out. They also have a pair of jeans and even a dress that match this jacket. 


Last, but not least. Their since sold out It' Won't Be Like This Forever Reflective Black Hoodie, was created when they feared they were going out of business when the pandemic first hit. In the original version of this hoodie it said, "If this is the end, thank you" but the alternate text in this version reads "Things don't end if they live in your head." 

Straight from their website: "So like what does Get Some Sleep mean?"

This is the question i get asked almost daily since the inception of the brand, and honestly I never wanted to answer it concretely because I think my brand is a living breathing thing that constantly changes. What I thought Sleep meant to me a year ago isn't the same as today or possibly next week. that being said its not actually about sleeping like we're not going to make pajamas and bed sheets and eye masks and our own mattress brand, wait that actually sounds pretty cool but that is besides the point. When I think of Get Some Sleep I think of all the times its been said to me, usually its at night and its normally said by a loved one my mom, my dad, an ex girlfriend normally when someone tells you to get some sleep they're basically telling you forget your worries and just go to bed and close your eyes and drift away tomorrow will be a new day. It's never been about physically going to sleep.

You can learn more about Get Some Sleep on their Instagram and Tik Tok. Their website lives on www/ 

Yomato if you're reading this, reach out,  I'd be honored to meet you and sell some of your clothes on our website.

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