A (Very) Early Review of Chance the Rapper's debut album, "The Big Day"

And we back... 

Over the weekend, Chancelor dropped his debut album or as he likes to call it #owbum, The Big Day. The album spans 22-tracks with introspective bars, melodies and skits spanning just over an hour. 

My initial reaction: "Not into it, but don't overreact." The unwritten rule: You have to listen to a new album three to five times until you're allowed to form an opinion.  

TBD didn't hit me off the bat like Chance's previous mixtape, Coloring BookOn my third listen I finally caught up to Chance's rhythm. We weren't starting off with a bang like with "All We Got" (Coloring Book) or "Good Ass Intro" (Acid Rap). Young Chance grew up. This was a culmination of having a baby with his girl, breaking up with his girl, getting back with his girl, marrying his girl, moving into a new condo with his family and expecting his second child. Well, at least that's the way my brain processed it.

There was more story-telling. It was more mature. Still lyrical and gospel-inspired. 

Don't complicate it. It's music for your ears. After a 3-year album hiatus we weren't getting an album like the previous. 

I haven't written like this in a minute. I'm not giving you a track by track review, but I'll give you some of my favorites:

"All Day Long"

The track bops. Chance comes out quick with his lyrical onslaught. 

"Do You Remember"

Chance immediately slows it down and gets real with his journey..


The Smino-feature on this track gave me chills. 

"Hot Shower"

Featuring Da Baby, the two go all out on this old-school Beastie Boys type-instrumental.


I could just relate.

"The Big Day" 

This one just speaks to me. There is probably some bad advice in the chorus, but it isn't supposed to be taken literally.

"Sun Come Down"

Slow-sultry yet uplifting.

Sit with this for now. I'll write more about the album after I listen to it a few more times, plus you have to go listen to it for yourself! Low key, I'm starting to like every single track. He's so versatile with his flows throughout. He keeps on switching up the flows yet staying true to himself. 

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