This is going to be a cluster fuck of thoughts because I haven't wrote in a minute.

Serious question: Are you trying to impress the outside world (social media) or yourself, your friends and family? What's more important to you: sharing with your  immediate circle or sharing with people you have never met before? Asking for a friend. 

I'm out here designing shirts, scrolling down Instagram (very bad for my mental health) while listening to Brent FaiyazKaash Paige, Giveon, PARTYNEXTDOOR and the The Weeknd (aka in my feels R&B music).

Why do I do this shit? Quick answer is for myself. Then the scroll happens. I check out all these brands I admire doing big things and everything abruptly changes. They have beautiful social media campaigns, great marketing, models, celebrity sightings, professional designs, followers, etc.

What do I have? Me, Myself, and I. A run down Mac from 2009 that shuts down if it's not plugged and sound like it will combust at any moment running an old version of Photoshop I pirated in college. A dream, a ginormous heart and a bunch of excuses when I hurt my own feelings by expecting to be an established brand before paying my dues.

Quick fix: Stop comparing yourself and just do you for you. That's how you attract your tribe like a magnet. Please stop me if I ever lose track of that and start trying to impress people on the internet I've never met. 

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