I promised to write today, but I copied and pasted and reworked what I wrote last night when I attempted to write a draft to post on our socials... 

I’ll be honest, I don’t want to share anything on my socials anymore, but I made this cool collage of y’all wearing my No Name Brand and been sitting on it because I’m too stubborn to share on IG.

Why? My mental health > social media.

I don’t want to get lost in the bullshit of it all.

Who else is guilty of scrolling endlessly on their socials for no reason, comparing and contrasting themselves, their experiences, their opportunities, etc. to others, being judgmental of others/themselves, voyeur-ing, promoting and sharing, living in a false reality and feel empty inside because a lack of real intimacy or genuine engagement. A slight exaggeration to explain social media even when fully aware causes anxiety for me.

The hashtag, algorithm, liking, engaging with others, sliding in your DMs is easy. When I get into it I'm a seasoned vet a pro. See Follow the Palms. See my personals. The social media game isn't for me because it feels more like a game and I’m not playing. Text me, call me just take me away from the four corners of my phone and we can engage. Maybe there is someone out there that wants to learn social media from this hot head that doesn't want to do it anymore. Promoting art and clothes shouldn't be too bad on our channel. 

Shpeel done. I have a quick announcement before I disappear again and you get sucked back into scrolling. I’ve been fucking around on Photoshop again. I created some new tings and slapped the Ten Stacks logo on some other tings.

I called this new rendition Verite. It means truth in french. It sounds sexy and so is the truth, so I kind of just rolled with it. Read “the truth is learned, never told” from the "From the Shadows" documentary and I might just slap that on a shirt in the near future. I literally just rework texts on images you may or not be familiar with or create things from shapes I add different fonts and old sketches too. I don’t want to do this type of work forever. Any kind of support aka buying something will help catapult me to a more prestige cut and sew operation. I want to get my Yves Sait Laurent on with some real fabrics.

The website is live on www.Verite.Store. I keep on updating it with new tings - new designs new messages, new music, new art. Well I used too. If something resonates with you that’s cool because I ultimately made it for myself. When’s the last time you did something for yourself? I'm guilty of getting lost in my head the last 2 weeks. I was triggered and trying to get myself back into it again. So here I am. Doing it for myself. It just gets complicated when you want to share it with others and your insecurities and fears get in the way. Really, I just don't want to be hurt anymore. It took me a while to get out of depression and I'm slowly creeping back in because I stopped doing the work reverting back to comfort. Fear is a liar. They're not real, only the illusion is.

So what do I like from the new collection?

My favorite is the eYe Balance, Trauma and Racing graphic. The mini Ten Stacks logo embroidered hoodie’s are wavy too. The Signal Ten Stacks logo is nice too. The Truth-Verite beanie is dope. The “The I am who I am” affirmation tees are good reminders and the Protect your heart barbed wire shirt and paisley Og tee are cool too. 

The Noma hoodies are kind of personal. I wanted to call the brand NoMa at one point. Represents North Maple the street I live on. Eventually want to make a MAPLE rendition of it. Maple gang.

Got some more affirmation tees in the works. Maybe will post later.

Until next time. That’s all. This is my I don’t really give a fuck voice (But I really do).

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