When they go Low, We go High

I've had unwavering unwanted thoughts reappearing in my mind the last couple of days. Thoughts that I have felt deeply in the past and have since let go of. It's a great test when they reappear out of the blue. Time to ask the tough questions: Am I healed? Do I have any work to do? What's really bugging me? Where is it coming from? Why is it reappearing now? You can't be afraid of what has come back. Like I said in my last post you must embrace it all before letting it go again. 

It took some time to let go the first time around. My approach was a simple one. Rewire your programming and replace the bad thoughts with good ones. Change that feeling you get in your body when it arises. It is all stored in your body anyway, it trapped, waiting, wishing to be free. You must un-trap yourself with discipline and a gentle understanding that things like this take time. I really thought this was the right way to go. It's starting to feel like this way might work for everybody. Some may be lead astray without the right support system. Your support system is loving yourself with all your heart regardless of wherever you are in the process.

The other way to get over something is to bury it so deeply in the past that it can't reach you anymore. And when it does come back it doesn't sting at all. In short: Stay present. This one is tough for people who have a tough time moving on. The first step is to stop labeling yourself as someone who can't move on. Try this affirmation: "I am a master of letting go, moving forward and staying in the present moment." Feel that until you believe it. Now that you talk the talk, you must always walk the walk. To live in the present moment means creating new experiences and memories with yourself and others. Replacing old people with new people and old places with new places. I hated this idea so much in the past. Especially because it came from one of my favorite teachers, Jay Shetty. You can't cling onto things that don't want to stay. You must let go, flow and trust what is unfolding before you even when you feel like you are being punished, hurt or it makes no sense. Once you believe that you are always being taken care of, how can you ever lose? 

Last thing that is a bit off topic. We've normalized this term called "rebounding." Fool, when a basketball clanks off the rim and you are down by one point with 4 seconds to go what else are you going to do but chase that rebound to win the game? Why should your life be any different? Stop listening to peoples normalized associations of life. Start thinking for yourself and making your own definition and difference. 

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