Growing (Pains) - Part 1

In French, VÉRITÉ literally means truth and that is what we strive to share with our audience (you).

July was an interesting month. I turned 30 and I was in between jobs. I spoke about why I quit my job in the Gold Roses Magazine Intro post.

Now, as I watch my bank account slowly dwindle down to zero I'm forced to make sacrifice and change.

I knew when I started this journey back into clothing that I would have to start from the very beginning but I didn't come to grips with it until much recently.

I had big plans for my first collection back. A collection of t-shirts, hoodies, crew necks, french terry shorts and jogger pants including a plethora of my new designs. After talking to a few suppliers I realized it was virtually impossible for me to go this route without outside funding (not an option).  

So I put my ego to the side, finally came to grips with the fact that couldn't afford it and downsized my efforts. I really wanted to make a tie-dye hoodie and french terry set so I focused on that. Without getting into details, I was unable to go that route because I wouldn't be able to afford other things associated with the brand such as photo shoots, stock photos, flea market/ farmers market costs, advertising, marketing, etc.

I was down on my luck, but I had to change my perspective quickly because you can't get anywhere sulking in your feelings. The universe was re-routing me. I said cool, I'll keep it simple. I'll make a t-shirt with a simple designing element. The universe once again hit me upside the head with an emphatic NOPE. Apparently I have expensive taste and no screen printer was able to print my design unless I went the cut and sew approach. My costs quadrupled. Again, I had no time to sulk, but I did. And sulking wastes precious time. 

The universe brought me all the way back to the start. START someHERE: a t-shirt with your logo on it. I had to do something to improve from the initial Ten Stacks days.

I upped quality for the T-shirt and embroidery. I did my research. 100% cotton. Ring spun and combed. High threaded satin filled embroidery. In layman terms, the new shirts feel like you are wearing butter, they are incredibly soft and will last numerous wash cycles with minimal shrinkage. Also, the embroidery is working out, it's strong and will not bend or break. The logo is Ten Stacks, but we are La Vérité (the truth). Nothing has changed, keep your heart. Feeling poetic. This is how the story begins. 

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