I Pray for Peace

I have something to say about the Israel-Palestine conflict, but I couldn't keep it short enough to share in a tweet.

Israel and Palestine have been at war since I was a kid and long before that. I'm 32 years old now It's been and always been a barrage of fake news, propaganda and finger pointing that have only spewed hate in the hearts of people who live so closely together. 

Now, my Instagram is flooded with posts regarding the situation and I'm irked. Why is every single person on my timeline sharing the exact same thing. How does it help sharing information with people who already agree with you? And in the chance that your post reaches someone who does not agree with you is your tone one of humility or rage? Are you spewing more anger and hate at your opposition or are you trying to broker peace and a mutual understanding?

We're giving super models clout they don't have and bashing their character instead of educating and communicating with them with empathy. We see false infographics and engage with people who do not want to hear us. Safe your breath and communicate amicably with the ones who do. 

Do I have the answers. No. Do I have a point of view. Yes. Does it matter. Hell no. My point of view doesn't stop the blood that has been shed on both sides. But I found a common ground: I pray for the safety of innocent Jews and Palestinians. I pray for peace. I pray for positive change. 

Update: My heart hurts more today. The propaganda and misinformation is alarming, but I stay level headed. I haven't seen one non-Jewish person on my timeline pray for the well being of Israel seemingly ignoring that over 2,000 rockets have been pointed their way only to be intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome. My people are hurting and asking why you can stand up for Black lives, Asian hate, but turn a blind eye when it comes to the Jewish people. My only answer is that they don't understand that Israel is synonymous with the Jewish people. Unfortunately, that is the exact synonym they are trying to eradicate. Yes, I stand proudly with Israel, but that does not mean I do not also want the best for the Palestinians as well. Israel is your home too and it is being attacked by terrorists!  . 

Regarding Sheikh Jarrah - One side says Israel are colonizers. The other size says private residents are evicting Palestinians that haven't paid their rent for years. For that I say. Go educate yourself! Stop reading the headlines. This war has been happening long before Sheikh Jarrah.

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