Introducing Gold Roses, The Magazine

Long time no see. We'r kind of rebranding here and when I say we, I actually mean me. First phase, the magazine (technically just a blog), but I like how fancy magazine sounds. I'm calling it Gold Roses.  

10 years ago, I started a blog called Paris Morton Music with my good friend, Gabby. At the time, we had an infatuation with Drake's demo "Paris Morton Music." The track later turned into a Rick Ross-assisted hit called "Aston Martin Music." There is a mini history lesson for you.

As wide-eyed 19-year old kids beginning college we thought "hey, the song is dope, lets just brand around it." PMM was born, a blog where you would find new music first with FREE downloads! 

Hundreds of DCMA complaints, leaked albums and singles later we had bigger goals. We adapted and transformed to Your Music Fix. We were official now strapped with merchandise, interns from Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Paris as well as a strong following. As a collective we shared more good music, videos, concert reviews and even ventured off to sneakers and culture.

Then, Law school happened and I actually thought I was going to become some sort of lawyer. The dream fizzled off in a sea of law school books, highlighters, weed and adderall. It wasn't a fair exchange but the pressures of balancing school and blogging were getting too high. What could have been if we kept it going, who the fuck knows, but trust me when I say it would have been great.  

A Quick Session

I feel like I don't ever learn my lessons. This is the old me.

The silly thing about growth is that it can happen in a couple of days, months or even years. It all depends on you, your mindset and perspective. 

I've been a bit off my rocker this past year (admitting it is the first step). Re-admitting it over and over again... that's acceptance. I had lots of anger, sadness and insecurity (depression/anxiety). This stemmed from not being where I wanted to be based on non-sensical community pressures and bouncing from jobs in law, real estate and lighting and electrical supply. It didn't help that I was a people pleaser and was absorbing all this unnecessary energy either. Sound familiar? 

That's my pattern. Took me a while to learn this lesson. PS. I'm still learning.

Side note: You are more than what is making you anxious. Double side note: There is more to life than wealth, your romantic relationships and your job. Stop focusing on one thing. Look at the big picture.

I quit my job again. I quit on Ten Stacks and searched to pad my pockets with immediate easy cash while thinking I could continue working on my clothing on the side. I sold myself out. Plot twist: All the money in the world couldn't take away the anger, sadness or insecurity. So, I quit that too.

I stayed home. I read. I wrote. I exercised. I studied myself. I studied the greats. I went into nature. I cut myself off from anybody who brought me an ounce of sadness and surrounded myself with people who felt like sunshine. I slowly became the light. My own light.

I got real with myself. I stared my own bullshit in the face and I coached myself up and out of it. I'm still doing all of this, consistently because self-care/love doesn't stop once you achieve it Also shout out to Instagram therapists and spiritual healers for their lessons along the way. 

I really went off subject. Not really, I do this and will continue to do this.


Last night, Rick Ross and Drake dropped a new single called "Gold Roses." The slow and sultry masterpiece spans a little bit under 6-minutes and has a strikingly similar vibe to "Paris Morton Music." It had be thinking: Can lightning strike in the same place twice? 

I've been wrestling with the idea of starting up a blog again to coincide with my clothing line ever since reading Bobby Hundreds new book "This is Not a T-Shirt." When I say wrestling, I actually me to start or to begin. The secret: Just start.

Why not continue my love for writing (+1), share new music (+2), art (+3) and culture (+4) while also giving you the back story to my new designs as they drop (+5). Cue DJ Khaled's  "No Brainer." 

I really need to share more. At this point in my life, it is probably the #1 reason why I'm stuck where I am other than just going out and doing it. I have so much to share to whoever wants to listen. 

So here I am. Introducing Gold Roses, the blog. Paris Morton Music 2.0. per say. Art, Music, Culture. Complex minus the TMZ-esque news and some art for your palette. A place where community can come together around similar likes and desires. Along the way, I can promise my weird writing style where I can somehow tie in my mental health with introducing my new blog. That's the plan. How it will evolve, only time will tell.

The clothing line won't be called Gold Roses or Ten Stacks. I do have some ideas though. 

Ten Stacks ins't going anywhere. It will always be a part of me and the brand as a whole. The story continues. Ten Stacks is the name of logo and it's trademarked so kindly, don't fuck with me. Keep your heart --> Protect your heart.

If I could, I wouldn't give the brand a name at all. If you only knew how many names I've come up with in the last 5 years I haven't stuck with.  

Phase 2: Coming whenever the hell I feel like it. Enjoy the blog, I mean magazine. 

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