Is Smino on your Music Radar? If not, Here is a Good Introduction

Taking a break from choosing a new domain name and embroidery styles/placements to clear my mind. 

Is Smino on your music radar? If not, this will be a decent intro. 

Smino is a rapper, singer, songwriter and producer (that's a mouthful) from St. Louis, Missouri. I'll do my best to describe his musical style: He is a rapper heavily influenced by sultry R&B grooves with a knack for changing his voice to create a different in his music. 

He jumped on the scene in 2015 with blkjuptr (2015) a 5-track LP and then scorched ahead with his debut album blkswn (2016). The track that started it all for me was the title track "blkswn" (above). Smino kept the momentum going the following year by releasing his second full-length titled NOIR (2017).

Most recently, he made a cameo on Chance the Rapper's album, The Big Day with "Eternal" which planted the seed for this article. The verse just hit me differently. The effortless flow is so intoxicating that you will play it over and over again. 

He also hopped on J. Cole's Dreamville project The Revenge of the Dreamers III on the standout track "Sacrifices." Whenever you can get Earth Gang, Saba, Smino and J. Cole on a track you know it is going to be fire.

Luckily for you, you can discover Smino on the playlist I made below on Spotify.

For those of you who don't have Spotify. Don't worry I got you guys too (thank YouTube).

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