Message for Someone

I pray that you can slow down and focus on the thing that matters most, YOURSELF. Complete your own agenda, not the agendas set forth by others. 

Your survival instincts will make you feel like you're taking care of yourself when in reality you are just delaying your progress. Ask yourself am I living vibrantly in my own power or am I doing anything humanely possible in order to survive? If it is the latter, make the difficult changes to become your best version.

I pray that you break the barriers of habit and see things in an adverse light. I challenge you to face your fears by moving closer towards them rather than stepping away/shutting down believing that they will disappear on their own. They won't.

I challenge you to search inwards instead of outwards for the changes you have been seeking. The light we seek is at times blinded by the "beliefs" we hold onto too tightly. These beliefs are actually inhibiting us from growing. Let go and surrender to the real truths that already reside inside of you. Do not be a mere believer, seek with curiosity and digest principles that are out of the norm for you. Not everything is supposed to resonate but the search opens your soul to possibilities that weren't there before.   

You cannot be honest with other people, until you can be truly honest with yourself. 

Do this all with grace because your journey will effect everyone around you. Not everybody will understand and that's okay. It's your duty to respect everyone around because a false move by you can cause ripple effects to others. Wouldn't you want them and the world to ripple with your truths rather than lies you may not even be aware of or have created for yourself? 

Message for myself: I still don't fully comprehend, but that's okay. Keep seeking with an open heart. I trust the universe knows what is best for me. I also trust that the universe wants me to have the free will to decide what that is. When you are hit with adversity you don't flounder. The moments you keep going are the moments that shape you. You may have healed some wounds, but some scar tissue lingers in the depths of your soul. Seek that. Don't hide from it. Bring your demons to the forefront. Confront them and let them go. Your purpose is WAY bigger than what is holding you hostage. Believe that. Shake up the world. In the words of Kobe, the journey is the destination.    

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