Message for Someone

Rephrase the limiting beliefs you say about yourself (and others?).

Remember, your mind is not actually you. It doesn't know any reality unless you give one or make one up. Hence, why manifesting is a powerful tool. 

Instead of using words of doubt or weak statements like "I don't trust myself" or "Trust yourself" how about you use something in the affirmative like "I trust myself" or "I am courageous."

Instead of waking up and saying today will suck, what a drag I have to do this bullshit all over again. How about saying something like I am grateful for another day. Today is going to be great because ______ (insert something positive and flowery).

Replace "I'm hurt" or "I'm broken" with "I'm strong" or "I am valuable"

Replace "I'll never find love again" to "I am love" or "I am a magnet for love"

Ok, you get the point. Now implement.

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