Never Give Up

The theme this week has been don't give up.

I've been sad. I've been tired. I've been defeated. The dialog in my head was ugly. Throughout the madness I held on to hope that better days were ahead. I told myself things suck might suck right now, but embrace it and feel it before letting it go for good. Good things are always on the way even if you can't see, feel or envision it. All you have to do is align with it and the process for everybody is different. Be your own guru. Be your own muse.

The things I learned to help me through these types of lulls felt useless. Get some sun they said. Drink some water. Go take a walk in nature. Do something you love. It might feel like it's not working at the time and you are just passing time trying to make things right, but I'm telling you every little thing helps. And when nothing helps. REST. Meditate on absolutely nothing. There is nothing wrong with that.

My mood has also been: fuck off, politely... with love. It's so damn hard when you have multiple people and stuff trying to throw you off your game the entire day. I do my best to remind myself that not everybody is like me and everybody is dealing with things they never mention, so I look for some type of understanding to keep my head cool. People can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves. And you can only meet them as deeply as you have met yourself. Be kind to each other.

On the other spectrum some people are just assholes, narcissists and energy suckers. Use discernment to spot the difference. Don't match this energy bring your own light, ultimately you will be in a better place. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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