Releasing Blocks

What a time to be alive.

I remember when I wanted to start-over and rebrand Ten Stacks to Verite. I love the way it sounds: sexy, sultry and French. Translating to Truth, it was something that was inside of me, but not something I regularly shared with everybody.

The Verite brand or collection, has kept me stagnant, blocked and stuck. Two years have transpired and I'm finally sharing what I created on my Instagram page. It has me thinking why didn't I share earlier?

I sought perfection. Now I move with grace.

Not only did I want it to be perfect, but I held on to fear of how it would be perceived. I wanted to skip all the steps. The most vital step, failure. I wanted the fancy photoshoots, the pretty models, the influencers, the clout, the hype, the perfect materials and graphics all at once. My old boss called it Beyoncé syndrome.   

Today, I really don't care what you think. This is my art and all I want to do is express myself and release my past, so I can make room for my future.

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