Still a Feeling

The times of overthinking are over. I have a thought. I don't think about it, I just go for it. When I am stuck on that thought, I push forward, because that uncomfortable feeling of doubt is exactly what my soul needs to push forward.

I'm only telling myself good things. Our words are more powerful than we think. I used to have this bad habit where people would ask me how I was doing and I would reply with "pretty good" most of the time. Pretty good don't cut it no more. Pretty good keeps you in just a pretty good mentality. 

I fuck with affirmations now. I used to think it was spiritual hoop-lah then it was me, my friend and a swing set and we swung into those affirmations with everything we got. That was the day after my great conjunction. You know that point you finally get to and you finally have your ah-hah moment. You're breakthrough. I wrote down a list of affirmations on our Instagram. I plan to go back and add to them. Make it flow better. Make a rap. Make it fun.

My breakthrough was that I'm protected no matter what. That doesn't mean I forget about my survival instincts. That means take risks. Take chances. STOP BEING A DOER AND START BEING A SAYER. Actions are where you reap your rewards, not the thought and dreams of them. So just act. You are protected. 

I fuck with writing down to do lists. That one little check just increases your dopamine levels. Every check mark is a pat on the back and each pat on the back makes you feel that much better.

I'm also a master manifestor and you can be too. Imagine it. Write it down. Memorize the feeling. Write down what your senses will be experiencing when you imagine what you desire. How does it look like? What do you see? How does it smell? Does it taste like anything? How does it feel? Internally and externally? Go back to it. Read it again, re-edit the parts you don't like. Put yourself in that moment. You'll start vibrating in that frequency and attracting that moment to you. It ain't voodoo. It ain't magic. It's all you and it's already inside of you. You bring that mentality into your life and it will start showing up in your life as well. 

Until next time, go buy a shirt. Believe in yourself. Drink some water. Breathe. You don't like doing something, stop doing it. Somebody brings down your energy level? You don't have to be a good person, cut them off. Make boundaries. Go into nature. Sweat it out. Educate yourself. Do it your way. You are your own guru.

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