Ten Stacks® Logo Corduroy Trucker Hat

Our Ten Stacks® Corduroy Trucker Hats are now available in our web store. They feature black corduroy front panels and mesh back panels, unstructured with a slight brim and snapback enclosure. There are three versions. A black heart, a chrome heart and a gold heart made out of recessed metal.

Choose your heart.

How did this piece come about?

I really wanted to come back from my hiatus by making a sweat suit in three colors. I was taken by the vintage Japanese version of the original Nintendo, so the colors were going to be a Vintage red, a light cream and a Paris grey. I had to get my money right and and get a pulse on on fashion (so I thought), therefore I settled on making this hat. 

I was later inspired by a black Chrome Hearts corduroy cap I found on Poshmark. It had a sterling silver dagger on the front panel and another sterling silver fleur design on the top cap. I knew I wasn't going to spend $550.00 on that cap, so I decided to make my own with my own logo.

The sourcing process was rough. It took me three to four weeks until I found an unstructured hat I was comfortable using. At first I wanted the entire hat to be corduroy, but I couldn't find a black one unless I manufactured it myself. I later stumbled upon this Summerland corduroy trucker hat from NAHMIAS and decided to blend both hats together to create my own.

I had the bright idea to make pins of my logo and then place them on the hat. All three versions are shiny and glisten in the sun and give off different moods. I like the idea that the pins are removable because it gives you the versatility and choice to move it to a different articles of clothing and accessories. I have personally placed it on a beanie, a tote bag, a cardigan, jacket and a blazer. The possibilities are endless. Just be sure to put it back on your hat when your done. You also have the option to collect the other pins. I only made 100 of them, so by definition they are limited edition. You can buy our logo enamel lapel pin here.

Back to that hats. I made 12 of them. Today, there are only 10 left! 

If you like what you see, please considering supporting my brand so I can grow and make those cut and sew sweat suits I talked about earlier and have the photoshoots I dream of having. If you have any questions about hats let me know. Much love for reading along. Choose your heart below. 

Ten Stacks Premium Corduroy Trucker Hat Gold Heart

Make it yours: Ten Stacks® Corduroy Trucker Hat (Gold Heart)

Ten Stacks® Premium Corduroy Trucker Hat (Chrome Heart)

Make it yours: Ten Stacks® Corduroy Trucker Hat (Chrome Heart)

Ten Stacks® Premium Corduroy Trucker Hat (Black Heart)

Make it yours: Ten Stacks® Corduroy Trucker Hat (Black Heart)


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