Random Thoughts

I wish I utilized this space during the initial drop, but I didn’t. Oh well, those memories lie somewhere in my Instagram story. Make sure to give us a follow. We promise to flood your timeline with something worth your while. Anyway, I remember feeling some type of way during the first drop and wanting that feeling to ever end. That's the same feeling I want to give you guys.


I finally put my design on a t-shirt. The reception I received from friends and family was great. It was enthralling to individually sign each shirt, pack it and hand-deliver to some friends and family. We sold out in 2 weeks and I wanted to keep the momentum going.


There is something about this thing we call momentum. No matter how fast you are going eventually you are going to slow down. You will hit adversity. Hell, you might get knocked out and go off the rails. But by all means you must move forward. This is the exact moment that separates you apart from the rest. Do you want to stay in the same place or do you want to grow? Keep going, stay consistent and rise each time. 


That's life right. How many times you can fall and get right back. Show up for life. Stay woke. Do things that make you happy. Invest in yourself.



The goal is to give the customer an experience or vibe with TEN STACK$ through the website, packaging, artwork and most importantly the merchandise itself.


The X Stacks logo is a conversation starter, believe me. I wore it, tested it, sweat in it and re-worked it. I want you to wear your gear proud knowing the message it conveys.


Phase 2 on the the way. Thanks for tuning in.

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