This is a Mission Statement

This is not a T-shirt. This is the spark from Cupid’s bow ingesting more life into Ten Stacks. It was never a brand, always a feeling. A feeling I lost along the way that’s becoming all over again. None of it is possible without your support, so If you bought a shirt, I love you. If you didn’t that's cool too. Sending you lots of love and light. To a new start.


First you need to know what you want and can’t be afraid of how monumental you’re desires or dreams are. Second, you envision and write it out in as much detail as possible. Then you act on it everyday and never lose faith. 


Create. Share. Connect. Give back.


We all start somewhere. Enjoy the journey. In the near future, I'd like to stop screen printing and embroidering on blanks. I will create my own unique cut and sew pieces, find my own fabrics and use different type of techniques. The products will be made in Los Angeles and practice eco-consciousness. 


Put other people on. I know of so many upcoming brands that nobody knows about. I'd like to put the spotlight on them. and share their stories, my favorite pieces and one day collaborate together. Down the like I'd like to sell their clothes in by brick or mortar store ala Kith and online on our website.


Build a team. Find our tribe and grow together. It's been fun being the designer, photographer, website developer, marketer, advertiser, product-sourcer, shipper and more, but I'd like to focus on my strengths and delegate responsibilities to others. The vision is too big just for me.  


Create the change you want to see in the world. I can't chose one charity to donate a percentage of my sales to, so I'd like to create my own. This way I know exactly where the money is going and how exactly we're helping. This way I can also get the community involved if they chose to participate. Some causes I am passionate about is the homeless problem in LA, education and dog rescues.   

If some thing bothers you, you can't expect someone else to fix it. You need to go out and do it yourself. I want to teach people what we should have been taught growing up in school. If you believe that mindfulness, meditation and happiness need to be implemented in the education system instead of PEMDAS, you must create a program to invoke that change. If you believe you can empower others. prove to them that everything is already inside of them? . We need to take ownership and take massive action.

GOAL 5. 

I will have a brick and mortar store adjoined with a Coffee and Tea shop called the Jungle. It will be located somewhere Mid City. I will sell my own products and those of upcoming brands that you have never heard of. There will also be a vintage section because who doesn’t love to mess around with vintage clothing? Our menu will be simple and the cup sizes will be called Big Buddy and Little Buddy because everybody needs a buddy. The shop will be filled from top to bottom with plants, so nature greens everywhere to ground your soul. The aesthetic will be a cross of outdoorsy wood and modern marble. It will be filled with community tables so people can connect and a DJ will always be playing music throughout the day. Everyday a different type of genre will play. There will also bar seating area like Kazu-Nori sushi but for coffee and tea for people to hang out in for a shorter time. During the night time, the vibes will change. Some days  it will become a sexy wine bar or jazz club other days it it will become an event space. It will just be wide open to interpretation and adaptation.


This is just the beginning of something much larger. I'll come back to this post to be reminded of the things I wanted, tweak some things along the way and check things off my list. Nothing is ever perfect, Buy a shirt because it is more than that. It's a reminder to keep your heart full. To keep it 100. To keep it Ten Stacks. Let’s manifest this vision... together

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