Three Things

Three things I'm working on:

  1. Trusting the process - This is especially hard for me when I start questioning the process I've created for myself. Un-tested rule of thumb: If you designed a process and you have committed to it for at least a month without questioning it. Stick to it. That doesn't mean you're not allowed to tweak it and improve it along the way. 
  2. Stop making assumptions  - I'm guilty of feeling like I was gifted with psychic abilities from the universe I just don't fully comprehend how to use. Some would call this a strong sense of intuition. Some would just call this blasphemy. Whatever you decide to call it. I'm trying to defer to a more concrete set of facts and a more common sense approach before just going with my gut feeling. With that said, if your gut tells you something is off. Chances are there is probably something off, but maybe not in the way you initially believed. But what the fuck do I know?!
  3. I don't know it all - This is a continuation of the above but one step further. You don't know anything. Period. If you ever feel like you do, you've played yourself. There is always something more and if you decide that something is an absolute truth, you automatically lose. Keep on exploring. Keep on learning. There is only a conclusion, if you let there be one. 

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