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Shout out to my Uncle Sheen for telling me the things I don't want to hear and always pushing me to think smarter and bigger.

I've been going about this all wrong, so I'm going to start from scratch, but first I'm going to drop three new products!

1. Keep Your Head Up Cap

We have a new black dad cap on the way. It features our logo front and center with "KEEP YOUR HEART" type embroidery on the rear. It will be available in both red and white embroidery. We're calling it the "Keep Your Head Up Cap" because no matter what life throws at you, you need to keep your head up! Due to a manufacturing error, we're also getting a black on black iteration. Once, I saw the cap I had to make more so be on the lookout for a white cap with red and purple embroidery respectively! I have a good feeling about these.

2. Men's Wave T-Shirt  [NAME SUBJECT TO CHANGE]

Our first batch of X Stacks T-shirts were acid wash with our logo featured front and center in three embroidery colors (Ghost, Cherry and Neon Soul). The shirts looked awesome, but the embroidery was flimsy and the fit was a bit off in the sleeves. Looking at the positives, it was soft and was the first representation of my idea to reality. 

Moving forward, our second batch was a huge improvement. We offered traditional white and black colors with red, white and black embroidery on the left chest. In the future these will be our staple T-shirts with new colors to keep up with the trends. We improved embroidery quality with a 3D puff for a bolder effect. We also improved shirt quality: 100% cotton, tighter fit and ability to withstand countless wash cycles. Some negatives were that the shirts were not available in an extra small for woman who wanted a tighter/shorter fit. Ladies, crop tops are coming!

Finally, we made it to our first shirt that is exclusive to Men. It's called the Wave T-Shirt.  This shirt was made with organic cotton! It is available in a sleek light-grey color with blue stitching throughout. We also experimented with a new stitch embroidery design that we're dubbing the  pretzel stitch. The pretzel stitch is visible on the left chest in a blue color.

3. Women's Crescent T-Shirt [NAME SUBJECT TO CHANGE]

Women rejoice! We finally made a T-shirt exclusive for you, so no more loose fits! Fit for any occasion. Wear it to work or Sunday brunch with your friends. It is available in a dark grey color with an off-white pretzel stitch on the left chest. 

Ok, so now that I've introduced our three styles. Let me explain why this isn't an ideal way to do business. I'm a walking contradiction at times. This is a dream without a plan. In order for X Stacks to reach new heights there needs to be a plan. Without a plan, this is just a day dream. I don't want to day-dream anymore, so after I release these products, I'm starting from ground zero.

What's at ground zero? A business plan

It's not as simple as:

1. Design. 

2. Create.

3. Shoot campaign look book.

4. Share/ Promote.

5. Create engaging Facebook and Instagram ads.

6. Make money. 

I wish it was that easy, but I don't see Kylie Jenner walking out that door with a X Stacks hoodie on tomorrow where I'll become an overnight sensation.

So, I'm going to disappear for a little bit. I'll still share art (inspiration) on my Instagram and work on some new designs here and there to keep me sane. But, I won't be back until I have a solid business plan. That means my dream about a X Stacks look book will have to be put on hold. It's all business now. xx.

Ok, I'm not done. Streams of consciousness come to me like a Kanye rant. It's not a brand, it's a feeling. I want to merge art, music and fashion. I'm sure I'm not the first and I won't be the last. I want to give you something different and some of these things aren't going to make sense coming from someone who wants to make a business off selling clothes. I want you to have an experience on social media, on our website and IRL.

My Instagram plan without tooting my own horn is solid. I can finally share my favorite photos on the internet. I'm giving you a type of experience and service you don't usually see. Am I the only one doing this? NO. Who cares. 

I didn't want to just post clothes all day. That doesn't mean I won't sprinkle in clothes in the future. I'm getting started and experimenting and I like where this is going. Going to find the balance between sharing art and promoting my collections. I don't expect you like to everything I post. You don't like everything you see when you go to a museum, so why should this be any different? Think of our IG as a museum. I'm with it.

Next, our website needs a lot of work. I haven't given you an experience there, but I'm thinking of some shit. Imagine if I created a game online. It doesn't have to be extravagant, it could be like snake or Galaga. You pay let's say 25 cents and if you win you could win 20-50% off your order or maybe you can score free clothes. An experience. Are you catching my vibe.

Back to feelings. The same way you get the chills when you hear your favorite lyrics at a concert or that head high when someone has a real conversation with you. That WTF feeling when you see some weird shit at a museum. That feeling of euphoria when you enter an arena at a sporting event. I just want you to feel what I'm selling you. This isn't a fucking clothing brand. Don't get it twisted. It's an experience and I'm only heating up!

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