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Welcome to today's version of I don't know what the fuck I'm doing, but I'm still doing it anyway. Please wipe your feet and enjoy your stay.

Let's be honest: I'm fucking exhausted. Collection Three is called FLOW but I swear it feels more like PLUGGED. It feels like I am blocking my own blessings. I feel it at my grasp yet it never transpire. I've released 25+ products in the last 2 weeks and received 2 orders. Have I really went off my path?

The game plan was always to focus on my heart. Change the color schemes and give you the heart in different forms without ever releasing the same thing twice. I think I've stuck to that plan and took it one step further by delivering pieces of me in art form that don't necessarily involve the heart. 


I wrote the above about 1.5 months ago. Whats next?

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