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Hey there. Me again. Time to get my mindfulness in.

You have the power to create your own reality.

If people, things or situations are no longer serving you you can change them.

No explanation necessary. It a simple formula, addition by subtraction with some help from the universe.

I'm going through some shit. I would say most people are testing my patience. I'm tired of proof reading my work and giving you a "perfect" finish. What do I think the universe is trying to teach me. Scratch that: What I know the universe is trying to teach me:

  • All you need is yourself. What you are searching in other people is already inside of you.
  • You have creative abilities. You are a visionary. You are a leader. You just need to trust yourself.

Why do I have so much trouble just trusting myself or just going with my own flow? I have family and friends holding me back. That's not a knock on my friends or family. That's a knock on myself. I allow your opinions to cloud mine. Hence, why I've removed myself from your view.

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