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I remember my old boss once saying that aliens created the internet to collect data on us to send back to their home planet. I'm starting to understand what he meant. He would always joke about how he doesn't care for what other people were doing and especially eating throughout the day on social media. I would laugh and just respond that he's old and doesn't understand. I was wrong... He was woke all along. 

It's been a little over a month with no communication from the outside world. People are starting to notice and taking my absence for depression or "ducking". By no means am I depressed or hiding. I'm in the exact place as when I left and I still have the same phone number. Consequently, (I always liked using that phrase in my college essays) I'm out here doing the things I want: Playing basketball at the park, paint splattering, drawing, shopping, going to the beach, hiking, working out, etc. Yes, I could have been doing that with social media in the picture, but that isn't the point. I am in the moment, I'm not scrolling through my phone in the midst of all that. I'm not scrolling through your photos and getting FOMO about a concert I didn't want to attend in the first place or a party I wasn't going to go to anyway. I'm living on my own terms and it feels great.

Does it bother me when I see people wasting time on social me. Yes. Will I or can I do anything about it? No. Do I even comment on it? Hell no. Until you ask my mouth is closed shut. But I can write about it. So here I am.

What are you getting from your likes and comments? I have 16K followers on one of my accounts. All organic. Woopdy fucking do. I was making a difference though. I was sharing motivational and inspirational quotes while serene photos of palm trees. 

On my personal account, I was sharing music and occasionally showing you that I exist. What's the use?


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